Saturday, July 16, 2011

Singapore artists in town / 狮城朋友芙蓉写生

Here are some snapshots of our Singapore friends doing painting or sketching in Seremban town:

Chan Chang How with Look Lam (left) and Teck Fong by his side. /

This is a bird-lovers club house. / 这是养鸟场。

Chang How's sketch / 陈长豪的素描

Mr. Cheng Yoke Khoon working with watercolour. / 曾玉坤先生用水彩写生。

He is painting an old building. / 他在画一栋旧楼。

This is the building. / 就是这栋楼。

Mr. Ho Yee Ping at work. Standing behind are, from left, Sia Boon Chuan, Low Chin Chung, Leong Kok Eng and Wong ah Boh. / 何逸平先生也是用水彩写生。其后是(左起)谢文川、刘清松、梁国英和王安柏。

Mr. Ho's painting. / 何逸平先生完成的作品。

Mr. Pang Teng Khoon paints with watercolor also. / 冯庭坤先生也是用水彩写生。

Pang is painting this street. / 他画的街景。

The completed art work /他完成的作品。

Mr. Ne Peng Yew (left) and Mr. Michael Khoo Chek Miang. Ng using ink for his sketches while Michael with watercolor. / 伍炳耀先生(左)用墨速写,邱泽铭先生则用水彩。

Mr. Wu's sketch. / 伍先生的速写。

Mr. Khoo's painting / 邱先生的水彩写生。

The scenery painted by them. / 他们画的景点。

Mr. Tan Joon Seng's sketch and wash. / 陈润生先生的素描淡彩。

A reporter interviewing Mr. Ho and other Singapore artists. /

A group photo taken at the end of the morning session, standing from left: Mr. Cheng Yoke Khoon, Mr. Sia Boon Chuan, Mr. Ho Yee Ping, Mr. Low Chin Chung, Mr. Pang Teng Khoon, Mr. Michael Khoo Chek Miang, Ms. Hee Teck Fong, Mr. Ng Peng Yew and Mr. Tan Joon Seng and seated is Mr. Khoo Boon Seng.

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