Friday, July 15, 2011

Friends from Lion City / 有朋自狮城来

7 Singapore artists are in Seremban today. They are Mr. Chan Chang How, Mr. Michael Khoo Chek Miang, Mr. Pang Teng Khoon, Mr. Ho Yee Ping, Mr. Chen Yoke Khoon, Mr. Ng Peng Yew and Mr. Tan Joon Seng. A reception was hosted by NSAS president Mr. Khoo Boon Seng at a restaurant in Seremban this evening. This is the first stop of their painting trip. They will stay here for 3 days and their next stop is Klang.

facing camera, from left: Chan Chang How, Ng Peng Yew, Wong Ah Boh, Khoo Boon Seng and Low Chin Chung. /

from left one to left three: Ho Yee Ping, Tan Joon Seng and Michael Khoo Chek Miang. /

from left: Foo Yong Chek, Pang Teng Khoon, Chen Yoke Khoon and Sia Boon Chuan /

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