Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Opening ceremony of En. Mazlan's solo exhibition / 马斯兰个展开幕礼

En. Mazlan Abu Bakar's solo exhibtion was officiated by Dr. Mehander Singh, the deputy director of the Raja Melewar Teachers College, at about 10.30 am on 28 Feb 2012 at its library. Here are photos of the event:

The exhibition hall / 展场

En. Norazlan Ismail, Head of the Social Science Department, speaking at the opening ceremony. / 该院社会科学系主任诺阿兹兰在开幕礼上介绍画家。

The guest of honor, Dr. Mahender Singh giving his speech. / 马汉德星博士讲话。

He officiated the event by untying the banner. / 打开布条,表示画展正式开幕。

A gift of a hamper of fruits. / 赠送水果礼篮。

Viewing a multimedia presentation / 观赏介绍画家的幻灯片

from right to left: Mrs Ting, Mr. Ting Ah Hang, Tn. Hj Yunus, President of Pelukis /

1st and 2nd from right: Mr. Yong Look Lam, vice president of NSAS and En. Faizal, secretary of Pelukis / 右一和二:本会副会长杨六南与森画家协会秘书法依扎。

from left: Tn. Hj Yunus, Dr. Mehander Singh and En. Mazlan. /

demo by En. Mazlan / 马斯兰示范

visitors at the exhibition / 到场观赏者

Some photos of En. Mazlan's artworks will be put up later.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Solo Exhibition by En. Mazlan Abu Bakar / 马斯兰个展

NSAS member En. Mazlan Abu Bakar is holding a solo exhibition at the Raja Melawar Teachers College, Sikamat, Seremban. The exhibition will be on till 18 Mac 2012.
En. Mazlan is the Head of the Visual Art Education Unit of the college. He has been an art educationist for 32 years.
Please take time off to view Mazlan's 46 pieces of art works.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

watercolor paintings by Yong Look Lam / 杨六南的水彩画

Here is a water color painting by Mr. Yong Look Lam.

Bagan Hailam, Kelang / 巴生海边的原住民村

Thank to Yong Look Lam

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A watercolor painting by Sia Boon Chuan / 谢文川水彩画一幅

Here is a watercolour painting by Mr. Sia Boon Chuan:

a quiet jetty / 野渡无人

Thanks to Mr. Sia !

Friday, February 10, 2012

water colour paintings by Liew Yun Lim / 刘运林水彩两幅

Mr. Liew Yun Lim sent in this 2 images of water colour painting:

The Hill of the Kayu Ara Chinese Temple / 芙蓉万茂加由阿拉女娲庙山

A turf grass farm at Kayu Ara / 加由阿拉种草园

Thanks to Mr. Liew!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2 paintings from Mr. Sia Boon Chuan / 谢文川水彩两幅

2 watercolour paintings from Mr. Sia Boon Chuan:

the view of a lake /湖光山色

scenery / 风景

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2 paintings from Mr. See Toh Sing /司徒胜水彩两幅

2 watercolour paintings from Mr. See Toh Sing:

farming / 种田

peaceful kampung / 宁静的马来村屋

Friday, February 3, 2012

photos of CMWA 18th Show / 现代水彩画家第18次年展图片

MCWA held its 18th annual exhibition opening ceremony at the Klang Top Art Gallery on 25/12/2012. NSAS president Mr. Khoo Boon Seng, adviser Mr. Sia Boon Chuan and member Mr. See Toh Sing are members of the MCWA also. Their art works were displayed in the show. Here are photos of the occasion.

Mr. Wu Ya Hong, the boss of the Top Art Gallery speaking at the opening ceremony.

The guest of honour, Dr. Ler Cheng Chye speaking at the opening ceremony.

The ribbon cutting ceremony:

A photo for the album: participating artists together with Dr. Ler and Mr. Wu.

Mr. Wu speaking to the artists and art lovers.

Artists and art lovers at the opening ceremony:

Mr. Sia Boon Chuan accompanying Dr. Ler viewing his art works:

Mr. See Toh Sing accompaying Dr. Ler viewing his art works:

Mr. Sia Boon Chuan in front of his art works:

Mr. See Toh Sing signing the art book:

Mr. Sia Boon Chuan and the poster of the exhibition:

Mr. Sia Boon Chuan signing the art book:

Thanks to Ms Su Yuen Yu for sharing the photos above.