Monday, July 18, 2011

paintings & sketches of Kuala Lukut / 瓜拉芦骨写生作品

Here are paintings and sketches of the Pengkalan Nelayan Kuala Lukut:

painting by Ho Yee Ping / 何逸平的水彩写生:

Paintings and a sketch by Pang Teng Khoon / 冯庭坤的画和素描:

Paintings by Khoo Boon Seng / 邱文成的作品:

Paintings by Sia Boon Chuan / 谢文川的水彩写生:

A sketch by Foo Yong Chek / 符永杰的素描:

Wong Khian Voon's sketches / 王健文的速写:

Liew Yun Lim's sketches / 刘运林的速写:

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