Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paintings of K. Lukut / 瓜拉芦骨写生作品

The artists from Yunnan:
 from left: Mr. Tu Wei Neng and Mr. Zhang Zhi /

 from left: Mr. Wang Yong Jun, Mr. Yang Fu Heng, Mr. Gui Jin Yong and Mr. Gong Yin Hui /

They painted at Kuala Lukut and Port Dickson on 12th Nov 2012. Here are some of their paintings:

 Port Dickson i by Mr. Tu Wei Neng / 屠维能:波德申一

 Port Dickson ii by Mr. Tu Wei Neng / 屠维能:波德申二

 Kuala Lukut painted by Tu Wei Neng / 屠维能:瓜拉芦骨

 Kuala Lukut i by Gong Yin Hui / 龚垠辉:瓜拉芦骨一

 Kuala Lukut ii by Gong Yin Hui / 龚垠辉:瓜拉芦骨二

 Kuala Lukut iii by Gong Yin Hui / 龚垠辉:瓜拉芦骨三

 Kuala Lukut i by Gui Jin Yong / 桂进咏:瓜拉芦骨一

 Kuala Lukut ii by Gui Jin Yong / 桂进咏:瓜拉芦骨二

 Kuala Lukut i by Wang Yong Jun / 王拥军:瓜拉芦骨一

 Palm tree by Wang Yong Jun / 王拥军:棕树

 Kuala Lukut ii by Wang Yong Jun / 王拥军:瓜拉芦骨二

 Kuala Lukut i by Yang Fu Heng / 杨付恒:瓜拉芦骨一

Kuala Lukut ii by Yang Fu Heng / 杨付恒:瓜拉芦骨二

photographer: Yun Lim

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