Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Faces Exhibition / 四画家联展

Yong Look Lam, Law Chin Chung, Wong Ah Boh and See Toh Sing from NSAS attended the opening ceremony of the FACES 2012 art exhibition at the UM Art Gallery on 1 Nov 2012.Look Lam is a participating artist of the joint exhibition.

 from left: Low Chin Chung, Yong Look Lam, Wong Ah Boh and See Toh Sing at the entrance of the exhition hall./ 左起:刘清松、杨六南、王安柏和司徒胜摄于展厅进口。

 in front of a painting by Look Lam / 在六南的作品前合照。

 See Toh Sing infront of his painting donated to the UM Art Gallery./ 司徒胜摄于他赠送给马大画廊的作品前。

3 of Look Lam's displayed artworks:

photographer: See Toh Sing and Yong Look Lam

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