Monday, November 12, 2012

NSAS hosted a dinner for artists from China / 本会招待到访中国画家

NSAS hosted a dinner for artists from Shanghai, Yunnan and Taiwan on 12th Nov 2012. They came to KL for the 24th Asia watercolour exhibition opening ceremony and came to visit Seremban as well.

The Yunnan artists:
lst from right is Yong Look Lam, NSAS vice president / 右一为本会副会长杨六南

 2nd from right is See Toh Sing, NSAS committee member / 右二为本会理事司徒胜

 1st and 2nd from left are Ting Ah Hang and Hee Teck Fong /
The Shanghai artists:

 2nd to 4th from right are Sia Boon Chuan, Chen Chia Shang from Taiwan and Khoo Boon Seng, NSAS president / 右二至右四为本会顾问谢文川、台湾画家陈甲上和本会会长邱文成。

The Yunnan artists will join the Tg Sepat painting trip on 13th Nov 2012.

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