Saturday, October 15, 2016

Painting at Sikamat NV / 小甘蜜新村写生

6 Oct 2016, painting at Sikamat New Village, Seremban.
Participants: Yong Look Lam, Foo Yong Chek, Wong Ah Boh, Liew Yun Lim, Wong Chian Chee and Liew Moi Yin.

in front of the entrance of Sikamat NV / 在新村大门前合照留念

 the main road / 新村大街

 painting an old wooden house / 画老屋子

 Foo Yong Chek / 符永杰

 Yong Look Lam / 杨六南

 a new village house / 新村屋子

 Yong Look Lam / 杨六南

 Liew Moi Yin's painting / 刘梅瑛的作品

 Liew Yun Lim's painting / 刘运林的作品

 Wong Ah Boh's sketching /王安柏的速写

 Wong Ah Boh's another sketching / 王安柏的另一速写

 Yong Look Lam's sketch and wash 1 / 杨六南的速写淡彩一

 Yong Look Lam's sketch and wash 2 / 杨六南的速写淡彩二

Yong Look Lam's watercolour painting / 杨六南的水彩写生

the entrace / 大门

Thanks to Liew Moi Yin and Yong Look Lam for the photos above.


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