Monday, August 13, 2012

Visit Art Galleries / 参观画展

On 12 Aug 2012, Mr. Khoo Boon Seng, NSAS president, Mr. Yong Look Lam, NSAS vice president, Mr. Sia Boon Chuan, NSAS adviser, Mr. Low Chin Chung and Mr. Liew Yun Lim visited the art exhibitions at the KL SGM hall and the City Art Gallery and attended the opening ceremony of Tan Puay Tee's solo exhibition at tthe Younie Art Galllery, KL. here are some photos taken on that day:

 at the SGM exhibition hall, from left: Mr. Sia Boon Chuan, Mr. Khoo Boon Seng, Mr. Yong Look Lam and Mr. Low Chin Chung / 左起,谢文川、邱文成、杨六南和刘清松摄于创价文化馆展厅。

The Tainan Fine Arts Association's exhibition was held at the ground floor and 2nd floor exhibition halls. Art works of various media and forms were displayed. Here are photos of some oil, watercolour and print artworks:

to be continued

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