Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ms Koh Shim luen in joint oil painting show / 许心伦参加油画联展

NSAS member Ms Koh Shim Luen participated the Amazing August Oil Paintings by 10 Malaysian Artists Exhibtion at the Dunia Seni Llukis Gallery, KL. The opening ceremony was held on 4 Aug 2012 and the exhibition will run till 12 Aug 2012.

 the crowd at the opening ceremony / 出席开幕礼的观众

 Ms Koh Shim Luen (right) and Mr. Sia Boon Chuan / 许心伦与谢文川

 Ms Koh infront of her oil paintings / 许心伦摄于其油画作品前

 Guest of honor, Ms Jean Lee Shok Jing delivering her speech at the opening ceremony. / 开幕嘉宾李书祯女士致词

 An art work by Mr. Chiew Cheng Hwa (left) was presented as a momento for Ms Lee accompanied by Mr. Chen Kon Yit (right), veteran artist and the chief organizer of the show./ 赠送纪念品给李女士;左为该画创作者周靖化,右为资深画家兼本次展览组织人陈干逸。

 An artwork by Mr. Lim Kok Hong (first from the right) was presented as a momento for the owner of the galllery / 赠送纪念品给画廊主人。右一为该画作者林国鸿

 participating artists and vips / 参展画家与贵宾

The 5 "Leave Me In Your Heart" oil painting series by Ms Koh Shim Luen displayed at the exhibition:

to be continued

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