Friday, November 4, 2011

A visit to Guan Tao Ju, PD / 访波德申观涛居

After the Lukut show, we took the opportunity to visit Mr. Loke Keng Hwa at PD that afternoon. Mr. Loke, NSAS adviser and a well known artist and calligrapher.

with Mr. and Mrs. Loke (4th and 5th from right) /与陆先生夫妇(右四与五)合照

Mr. Loke's house, the Guan Tao Ju / 陆先生的家:观涛居

Viewing Mr. Loke's Chinese painting and calligraphy:

Good tea and famous cookies were served /好茶好饼招待

We tasted rambutan from Mr. Loke's garden before saying goodbye.

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