Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Lukut Art Show / 芦骨“下乡之旅”

NSAS put up an art show at the Lukut Chung Hua Chinese Primary School on 1st Nov 2011. Students art works were exhibited as well.

The classroom used for the show / 用科学室做展场

preparation for the show / 张贴展品

putting up students art works / 学生帮助黏贴学生作品

students art works / 学生的作品

early visitors / 先睹为快

art works by students / 儿童画

art works by NSAS members / 本会会员作品

Mr. Ting Ah Hang is an attraction in the show / 雅汉很有吸引力

students' craft works / 学生的手工作品

news reporter (right) talking to (from left) Mr. Yong Look Lam and Mr. Woon Sai Ching/ 记者(右)访问杨六南(左)和温帅庆先生。

With Mr. Li Jian Yi (2nd from right), PTA chairman, Mr. Wang Wan Min, HM and Ms He Jia Yi, Senior Assitant (2nd and 3rd from left ) /右二是家教协会主席李健益先生,左二和三是校长王万民先生和副校长何佳仪女士。

The NSAS team, from left: Siow Yen Wei, Su Yuen Yu, Wong Ah Boh, Foo Yong Chek, Yong Look Lam, Ting Ah Hang, Liew Yun Lim and Wong Chian Chee /本会画展工作组。左起:萧瑗妫、苏运友、王安柏、符永杰、杨六南、邓雅汉、刘运林和黄倩姿。

Thanks to Mr. Li Jian Yi, PTA Chairman, Mr. Wang Wan Min, HM, Ms He Jia Yi, the Senior Assistant for their support, andMr. Li Wen Zhang, the canteen operator, for his warm reception.

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