Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Ulu Bendul painting trip / 乌鲁本多写生

NSAS organized a painting trip to Ulu Bendul forest park which is on the way from Seremban to Kuala Pilah. Altogether 10 members and non-members participated the event. The members are Mr. Leong Kok Eng, Mr. Wong Ah Boh, Mr. Foo Yong Chek, Mr. Chia Woon Chu, Ms Chik Wan Peng and Ms Cheah Mein Li and non-members are Mr. Teng Heng Tiak, Mr. Liew Moh Choy and Mr. Yee Suan Huat. Below are photos taken on the day by Ms. Chik Wan Peng:
本会于2012年6月2日举办芙蓉-庇劳路乌鲁本多山泉公园写生。参加者共10人。会员有梁国英、王安柏、符永杰、谢焕洲、席涴萍和谢敏莉。非会员朋友有丁贤德、廖茂才和余顺发。 以下为席涴萍拍的照片:

Ulu Bendul i / 乌鲁本多一

Ulu Bendul ii / 乌鲁本多二

Ms Cheah Mein Li at work / 谢敏莉在作画

From left: Mr. Wong Ah Boh and Mr. Leong Kok Eng / 左起:王安柏与梁国英

Mr. Teng Heng Tiak (left) and others / 丁贤德(左)等在准备写生

Cheah Mein Li's painting / 谢敏莉的作品

Leong Kok Eng's painting / 梁国英的作品

Liew Moh Choy's painting / 廖茂才的作品

Teng Heng Tiak's painting / 丁贤德的作品

Wong Ah Boh's painting / 王安柏的作品

The scenery painted by Ah Boh / 安柏画的景色

Yee Suan Huat's painting i / 余顺发的作品一

Yee Suan Huat's painting ii / 余顺发的作品二

Thanks to our photographer Ms Chik Wan Peng

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