Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sketching and painting the China Press new office / 写生中国报新办事处

On 5 April 2012, NSAS  members Yong Look Lam, Leong Kok Eng and Foo Yong Chek were invited to sketch and paint the new Seremban China Press office as part of the activities organized by the paper.

 Yong Look Lam / 杨六南

 Leong Kok Eng / 梁国英

 Foo Yong Chek / 符永杰

 Kok Eng's onsite painting / 国英的画

the left one by Foo Yong Chek and the right one by Yong Look Lam /

Look Lam's sketch and wash / 六南的画

 a close up / 特写

 Yong Chek presents his sketch / 永杰赠送其素描写生

 Look Lam presents his sketch / 六南赠送其写生作品

a photo for the album / 合照留念

thanks to Look Lam

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