Thursday, May 3, 2012

The May Day Broga Trip / 五一武来岸写生

1st May 2012, 7.30 am, at  the Ming Kee Hawkers Centre, the assembling place for the Broga trip:

2nd from right is a non-member participant Mr. Teng Hian Tiak

At the Rock Temple (shi na du miao ) of Broga:

Mr. Lam Le Siang (centre), an artist from KL, who come to know about our trip from Look Lam, drove from KL to join us at Broga. / 隆画家蓝逸祥(中)得知本会此次写生,特从隆开车来参加。

Mr. Lee Khip Chick, a member lost contact for a long time, surprisingly turned up. He drove from Sungai Pelek to join us at Broga. / 这是吕文保,特地从双溪比叻来武来岸,真叫我们感到惊喜。我们是第一次见到这位会员。

from left: Chik Wan Peng, Look Lam's daughter and Look Lam

Lunch time at Broga town:

We left Broga after lunch. On the way back to Seremban, we stopped at Lenggeng for sketching.
Participants of this trip: Khoo Boon Seng, Yong Look Lam, Liew Yun Lim, Ting Ah Hang, Foo Yong Chek, Low Chin Chung, Wong Ah Boh, Hee Teck Fong, Chik Wan Peng, Yong Hoh Kiew, Lee Khip Chick and Siow Yan Wei; non-members: Lam Le Siang, Teng Hian Tiak and Look Lam's daughter.

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