Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Tanjung Pagar Exhibition / 丹绒巴葛画展

The City Art Gallery, KL, organized a "Last Train from Tanjung Pagar" Art Exhibition which was opened on the 18 April 2012. Some NSAS members participated this event. Here are photos of some displayed art works:

NSAS members art works: /  本会会员作品:
 by Yong Look Lam / 杨六南

by Wong Ah Boh / 王安柏

 by Sia Boon Chuan / 谢文川

by Ting Ah Hang / 邓雅汉

by Liew Yun Lim / 刘运林

by Leong Kok Eng / 梁国英

by Sia Boon Chuan /  谢文川

by Yong Look Lam /  杨六南

 by Tan Pek Cheng / 陈碧青
by Loo Foh Sang / 卢伙生

by Khoo Boon Seng /邱文成

by Chuah Pooi Khoon /  蔡培坤

by Foo Yong Chek / 符永杰

Art works by Singapore artists:
by Lee Choon Kee /  李运启

by Pang Teng Khoon /  冯庭坤

 by Chan Chang How / 陈长豪

 by Lee Choon Kee / 李运启

art works from other local artists:
 by Loo Hooi Nam / 吕辉南

 by Tan Sik Yaw / 陈惜耀

by Ung Mooi Leng / 洪美玲

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