Monday, March 19, 2012

A visit to two exhibitions / 参观两画展

NSAS vice president Mr. Yong Look Lam together with members Low Ching Chung, Foo Yong Chek, Liew Yun Lim and Hee Teck Fong visited two galleries on 18 Mar 2012. There are the Malaysia Watercolour Society annual show and the joint exhibition by Mr. Loo Foh Sang, Mr. Heng Eow Lin and Mr. Chong Choon Woon. MWS show was at the KL NN gallery while the other exhibition was at the Younie Gallery, KL.
at the NN Gallery: /在NN画廊:

photo taken in front of Look Lam's painting / 在六南作品前拍照

Look Lam and Koh Shim Luen, both are MWS members also /

Koh infront of her art works / 许心伦摄于她的作品前

viewing MWS artworks /观赏马水彩画会的展出作品

at the KL Younie Gallery : / 摄于吉隆坡颜丽轩画廊:

with artist Mr. Heng Eow Lin, infront of his artwork /

Foo Yong Chek and artist Mr. Heng Eow Lin / 符永杰与画家王耀麟

Thank to Yun Lim for the photos above.

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