Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pameran Seni Pesta Tanglung ( IX ) / 中秋雅韵书画展(九)

Art works exhibited:

18 Carps by Woon Sai Ching / 温帅庆:十八锦鲤

Peony by Woon Sai Ching / 温帅庆:牡丹

White Peacock by Woon Sai Ching / 温帅庆:白孔雀

Calligraphy by Wu Shang Wu / 伍尚武:书法

Calligraphy I by Xiao Yu Chi / 萧玉池:书法一

Calligraphy II by Xiao Yu Chi / 萧玉池:书法二

Calligraphy III by Xiao Yu Chi / 萧玉池:书法三

Calligraphy by Yee Suan Huat / 余顺发:书法

Bamboo by Yee Suan Huat / 余顺发:竹

Lotus by Yee Suan Huat / 余顺发:荷花

Fishing Boat by Yong Look Lam / 杨六南:渔船

Fisherman's Hut by Yong Look Lam / 杨六南:鱼棚

Fishing Boats' Jetty by Yong Look Lam / 杨六南:渔船码头

A total of 57 pieces of artworks were displayed in the exhibition.
Thanks to all who contributed to the success of this event.

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