Saturday, August 20, 2011

YY Su's A For Art / 友艺术中心

YY Su / 苏运友

NSAS member Ms Su Yuen Yu, or better known as YY Su, is an art instructor and running a children's art centre, the A For Art is at 46, 1st Floor, Jln S2G2, Garden Avenue, Seremban 2.
本会会员苏运友在芙蓉新城Garden Avenue, S2G2路门牌46号楼上开设儿童美育中心,名为“友艺术中心”,教导儿童绘画与手工。

This is the A For Art children's art centre

Su's studio is also in the A For Art. Su with some of her art works at the back.

With Su is NSAS adviser Mr. Sio Boon Chuan

children at work /儿童在画画

children's paintings / 学生的画

craft works by children / 儿童的手工作品

children's paintings:

The A For Art is situated opposite the Family Store, close to a Petronas kiosk. Su can be contacted at 016-2282262

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