Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Klang Painting Trip / 巴生写生

13 NSAS members turned up for the Klang painting trip on 6 Jun 2011 (the day of Chang Festival ). / 2011年6月6日(端午节),本会13个会员去巴生港口海南村写生。

Breakfast at Klang / 在巴生吃早餐

Arrived at the destination: Bagan Hailam.

Took a group photo before action. The yellow wooden building at the back is the Wu Teck School / 先拍张合照,后面黄色的木版屋是务德学校。

School closed for holidays. / 学校正放假

The Zhen Nan Temple, photo taken from the opera stage facing the temple, the meeting place after painting or sketching. /镇南宫,从它对面的戏台拍的。这是写生后的集合地点。

Mr. Leong Kok Eng / 梁国英

Loo Soon Ching watching Yong Look Lam making a sketch. / 吕顺清在看杨六南速写。

Mr. Foo Yong Chek / 符永杰

Hee Teck Fong / 许德芳

Kboo Boon Seng / 邱文成

Ting Ah Hang (left) and Low Chin Chung. / 邓雅汉(左)和刘清松。

Mr. Sia Boon Chuan / 谢文川先生

Wong Ah Boh / 王安柏

This is a restaurant looking from the opera stage of Zhen Nan Temple. We had lunch at this restaurant. / 从镇南宫戏台望向我们吃午餐的餐厅。

The restaurant looked from another angle. / 从另一角度看该餐厅。

Another side of the restaurant. / 餐厅的另一面。

Inside the restaurant:

After lunch, we continued painting and sketching until about 3.00pm and adjourned for tea at this coffee shop. /

After the tea, we continued our painting and sketching at the nearby Orang Asli village until about 5.00 pm and in the end we decided to have our dinner at this restaurant.

It was about 7.00 pm when we made our journey back to Seremban. /

Thanks to Yun Lim, our photographer.

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