Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Art Exhibition at Tampin / 淡边画展

23 Aug 2015, NSAS and six associations in Tampin jointly organized an art exhibition at Tampin Chung Hua Primary School.

 the mc of the opening ceremony / 开幕礼司仪

 Mr Lewis Lui Iu Tian, current chairman of six associations announced the opening of the exhibition

 NSAS president Mr. Khoo Boon Seng delivering his speech

 the guests of the event / 嘉宾

 opening ceremony / 开幕仪式

 presenting a souvenir / 赠送纪念品

 viewing art works / 观赏作品

 a group photo / 合影留念

 viewing art works / 观赏作品

 viewing art works / 观赏作品

 viewing art works / 观赏作品

 Yong Chek with distinguished guests / 永杰与嘉宾合照

 NSAS President and distinguished guests / 会长与嘉宾

 Tey Kwee Yuen and Goo Kee Chong / 郑桂源与吴其昌

 demo by Mr. Khoo Boon Seng / 邱文成挥毫

 Demo by Goo Kee Chong / 吴其昌挥毫

 Demo by Teng Hian Tiak / 丁贤德挥毫

 Demo by Yee Suan Huat / 余顺发挥毫

 Demo by Foo Yong Chek / 符永杰挥毫

 Demo by Tey Kwee Yuen / 郑桂源挥毫

 Lee Khip Chick (3rd fr right) with his demo artwork

Goo Kee Chong (4th fr left) with his demo artwork

Khoo Boon Seng (2nd fr left) with his demo artwork

to be continued

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