Sunday, June 21, 2015

Art Exhibition at Bkt Pelandok / 到武吉不兰律办画展

NSAS was invited to held an art exhibition at the Yik Chiao Chinese Primary School, Bkt Pelandok on 20 June 2015. The exhibition was co-organized by the NS branch of the Malaysian Contemporary Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Association and the school. It was an additional event held in conjunction with the 2015 Academic Carnival of Chinese Subject for Chinese Primary Schools of NS hosted by the school.

  the school / 育侨华小

 the calligraphy work of the couplet at the main entrance was done  Leong Kok Eng /

 the venue of the exhibition / 展览地点

 viewers / 观赏者

 viewers ii / 观赏者 二

 viewers iii / 观赏者 三

 Mr. Lim Thean Pak making a point

 "fish bone art" by Ting Ah Hang

a group photo with the Headmistress of the school at the centre
1st-3rd from right: Cha Nyien Sin, Hee Teck Fong, Foo Yong Chek and 1st-3rd from left: Ting Ah Hang, Low Chin Chung and Wong Ah Boh.
右一至三:谢元胜、许德芳、符永杰;左一至三:邓雅汉、刘清松、王安柏 。

NSAS members attended this activity were: Sia Boon Chuan, Lim Thean Pak, Goo Kee Chong, Foo Yong Chek, Wong Ah Boh, Ting Ah Hang, Low Chin Chung, Liew Yun Lim, Lee Khip Chick, Cha Nyien Sin, Hee Teck Fong, Teng Hian Tiak,  Yee Suan Huat and Tey Kwee Yuan.

Thank you 
The Headmistress, staff and students of Yik Chiao Chinese Primary School for your hospitality and provided us a chance to show our artworks at Bkt. Pelandok.

Click to see all the displayed artworks.
点击 看展出作品照片。

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