Friday, September 14, 2012

Painting at Pantai, Seremban / 芙蓉板底写生

NSAS members Mr. Foo Yong Chek, Mr. Yong Look Lam and Mr. Liew Yun Lim went to Pantai, Seremban on 13 Sept 2012 for outdoor painting.

 Yong Chek (left) and Look Lam / 永杰(左) 与六南

 Yun Lim / 运林

 looking for a spot to paint / 找适合写生的地点

 the kampung orang asli was chosen / 决定画原住民村

 Look Lam and Yong Chek got down to work / 六南和永杰坐下就画

 Look Lam / 六南

 Yong Chek / 永杰

 Look Lam's painting /六南的画

 Yong Chek's painting / 永杰的画

 The house painted by Yun Lim / 运林画这栋屋子

Yun Lim's painting / 运林的画

Thanks to Yun Lim for the photos above.

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