Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seremban Street Scene painted by Mr. Pang Teng Khoon / 冯庭坤画芙蓉街景

This is a street scene of Seremban painted by Singapore artist Mr. Pang Teng Khoon:

Mr. Pang has been invited to participate NSAS's annual exhibition and has been making painting trips to Peninsular Malaysia quite often. Below is a photo taken with Mr. Sia Boon Chuan while painting at Kuala Lukut, Port Dickson, N. Sembilan in 2000.
冯先生曾受邀参加本会常年画展。他常到马半岛写生。以下是2000年他与谢文川先生在波德申瓜拉芦骨河口 写生时的照片:

Mr. Pang had a painting trip to Pengkalan of Johor recently. Here are some of his paintings from the trip:

Mr. Pang's art works can be viewed at his blog:
请到冯先生的部落格 浏览更多其作品。

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