Monday, December 19, 2011

Yong Look Lam in Henan, China / 杨六南去中国河南

NSAS vice president Mr. Yong Look Lam went to Zhengzhou, Henan of China end of November 2011. He was invited to participate The Fisrst New Expression of World Art Biennial there. Here are some photos Mr. Yong would like to share with us:

a brass band at the opening ceremony / 铜乐队迎接嘉宾

get ready for the ribbon cutting ceremony / 准备彩球

opening ceremony / 开幕礼

opening ceremony (b) /开幕礼二

honored guest giving speech / 开幕嘉宾致词

honored guest giving speech (b) / 开幕嘉宾致词二

participants from Europe and America / 来自欧美参展者

visitors (1) / 参观者一

visitors (2) / 参观者二

visitors (3) / 参观者三

visitors (4) / 参观者四

group photo of artists at the show /画家合照

Malaysian artists at the reception / 在晚宴席上的我国画家

Look Lam and Calvin Chua / 杨六南与蔡清坤

Look Lam and his artwork / 杨六南和他的参展作品

Look Lam and Mr. Lu Xiaohui, assistant secretary general of the Henan Provincial Academy of Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, the organizer of the exhibition. / 杨六南和河南省华侨书画院副秘书长卢晓辉先生

Look Lam and Ms Zhuan Meng Xuan (centre), the director of the Impressions Art Centre, Malaysia. / 杨六南和马来西亚艺象中心执行员庄梦轩女士(中)

Look Lam, Calvin and artists from Taiwan / 与台湾画家合照

Thanks to Look Lam !

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