Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chan Chee Siong won an award in bonsai / 陈志祥的盆栽获奖

Congratulation to NSAS member Mr. Chan Chee Siong who has just won an award in a bonsai exhibition. Here are some of his bonsai creations:

Mr. Chan Chee Siong / 陈志祥先生

An award presented to Mr. Chan / 陈先生获奖奖状

The bonsai that won the award / 获奖作品

This bonsai won an award last year / 这是去年获奖的作品

This is a 2009 prize winner / 这是2009年获奖的作品

Some bonsai creations by Mr. Chan:/陈先生的一些盆栽作品:

The two below showing the early stage of bonsai creation. /

Thanks to Mr. Chan!

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